Hi, I'm Snigdha Roy 👋


📍 San Francisco

🍁 Hi, I'm Snigdha!

My life started when I got my first computer and immersed myself in tech mid 2019 by embodying the hacker ethos. As I've become very interested in technology and understanding how our minds work, I'm convinced that building intelligent AI systems will teach us more about human nature than about AI - and I want to be a part of building AGI for the benefit of humanity.

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🌕 My core values

🚀 Always build.

When you build a thing, you don't build it by itself. You mold everything around it to understand the greater world.

💌 Stay curious.

An open mind that questions what the world knows that they don't understand right now is surely a powerful mind.

✨ Stay optimistic.

Optimism is the engine that drives humanity forward. Ultimately, optimists design and decide the future.

🧠 Have emotional relevance.

Achieving excellence means having a personal attachment to your practice.

💜 Identify positive feedback loops.

You will find light in any darkness if you always have a positive feedback loop.

🎨 Create thoughtful experiences.

Making others happier than they first arrived is a rare act of deep care.

🚀 Featured projects / roles

Executive Director @ TeenHacks LI

🍂 Fall 2019 - I ran the largest high school hackathon in Northeast. We raised over $25K to provide a free and unforgettable experience for 350+ students from across the country. Amazing to watch code and community change lives, like it did mine.

Regional Manager @ CodeDay New York

❄️ Winter 2020 - I helped organized CodeDay to increase diversity in CS enrollment. Over 100 students from unique backgrounds came to Brooklyn to learn how to code. We gifted 100 laptops to underprivileged students so they can take home and continue their love of coding.

Fellowship @ The Joe Biden Campaign

❄️ Winter 2020 - I engaged in grassroots efforts to help propel a better future for my family and for my generation. I worked to engage voters by mobilizing, canvassing, and organizing events to get voters to get out and vote for Biden.

I've been lucky to get featured for my work sometimes, you can check them out here:

Wall Street Journal

New York Times

New York Institute of Technology


Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

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I'll soon be writing about how code changed people's lives. For now, check out my paper on climate tech and subscribe to my substack for more soon!

Pivoting the future with climate tech

Let's get in touch! 💌

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