I ran the largest high school hackathon in the Northeast

In 2019, I was the Executive Director of TeenHacks LI - a programming competition that claimed the title of the largest high school hackathon in Northeast for that year. We raised more than $25K to provide a free and amazing experience for our 300 attendees from all over the country. We partnered with the New York Institute of Technology to give the students a place to hack, eat, have fun, and sleep overnight. It was an extremely valuable experience building a community of student developers to build beyond what they imagined over the course of a weekend.

I organize CodeDays to increase diversity in CS enrollment

This past February, I joined SRND to organize a CodeDay that targeted low income students in NYC to have fun and code at our event at MakerBot HQ in downtown Brooklyn. Our event brought in over 100 students from all corners of New York and all different backgrounds. SRND gave away 100+ laptops to underprivileged students so that they can continue to take home their love of coding. CodeDay is similar to a hackathon but much more relaxed and focused for beginners.

Fun fact: We had 10 students visiting from Kazakhstan at our event, and although they didn’t speak much English, we were able to chat with them a bit and were super glad to see them having a fun time!

I organize political campaigns for the future of my family and generation

As a fellow at the Joe Biden campaign, I engage in grassroots efforts to help propel a better future for my family and for my generation. Areas I care most about are climate change and immigration. I worked to engage voters by mobilizing, canvassing, and organizing events to get voters to get out and vote for Biden.


I implement local conservation programs in my community

My love for conservation started out locally when I attended my first Youth Ocean Conservation Summit. From that experience, I unlocked the untapped problem-solving part of my brain that I did not recognize before. After hearing about problem after problem, my brain quickly articulated plans to fight them with solution after solution. Thus started my love of conservation: I helped + organized local beach clean ups, I lobbied to implement a program to fight plastic pollution, I receieved grants to develop new recycling programs in my school, I received scholarships to sustainable salt marsh hikes, I helped outreach for environmental conferences, and so on and so forth. Now, I work globally with teams part of different organizations of young people coming together to make a difference for the future of our planet.

Fun fact: I'm a big fan of the ocean and my favorite sea creature is the Sea Turtle. :)

I organize TechTogether To Develop A more diverse and inclusive tech space for the future

Earlier in the winter of 2020, my friends and I attended TechTogether Boston and built an award-winning app for the hackathon. TechTogether's mission is to empower female and nonbinary hackers for a more inclusive tech space in the future. Seeing the world of women not attend to compete togther (as that's what it may seem at a hackathon), but unite against gender disparities in the tech space inspired me to join the TechTogether team and expand online so that we can get even more ladies across the country to join the TechTogether movement. We are currently organizing a hackathon online that is set to run this fall so stay tuned!

Fun fact: During the weekend I attended TechTogether, my friends and I also crashed Harvard's hardware makeathon and explored all the fun corners of Boston. It was one of the best times I had this year.

I've been lucky to get featured for my work sometimes, you can check them out here:

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Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

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